June 18, 2018

How to Grow Your Business? Get Unstuck!

The dream of starting your own business dwells in the minds of many: being your own boss, working flexible hours, and feeling passionate about your enterprise are just a few of the appeals. Unfortunately, most are unaware of the steps necessary to achieve this goal, and aren’t prepared for the commitment and sacrifice required along the way. 
Jerry Jendusa founded EMTEQ in 1996, with the original workspace being his basement. Jerry and his partner, Jim Harasha, put in countless hours each week to get EMTEQ fully functioning and drive it to the success it has today. In Get Unstuck, Jerry details his pre-startup business plans, techniques, and experiences. He reminds others thinking of following the entrepreneurial path to take into consideration all the facets of starting a business, and offers advice on how to do so. This advice ranges from choosing the right partner, finding a demographic and marketable niche, to ensuring personal relationships remain intact during and after the process. The book serves to “get out the message to as many business owners as possible regarding starting, growing and exiting from a business.”

Jerry wrote this book intending to “provide a baseline of beliefs from which small-business owners can attain the success that other business owners enjoy.” Based on his story, Jerry wanted “to be able to help other small to mid size business owners think about their businesses perhaps in a different light as growth in business and in life requires a great amount of change and one cannot do it all alone.” His goal is altruistic; Get Unstuckis about helping other business owners on their path to prosperity. 

Since the success of his enterprise, Jerry has created a coaching and advisory business called STUCK, which provides the tools for making key changes to help a business grow and succeed. STUCK was created with the intent of providing tools, techniques, and tips to help business owners find solutions within their business. 
So far, Get Unstuck“has been a great marketing tool to spread our message.  It is a leave behind sample at speaking engagements or is dropped off for business owners that are stuck.” Get Unstuckhas given Jerry and his team at STUCK credibility and provides reference points for it. Jerry anticipates Get Unstuck to continue in popularity and growth, remaining a source of credibility and a resource of insightful business tips. 

Jerry wanted to give back and help other young entrepreneurs on their path to success. He finds it rewarding, the urge to give back was a major reason why Get Unstuckwas written. Jerry wanted to speak to his belief that “every owner at one point or another gets stuck.”