April 29, 2021

Building the Skilled Trades Pipeline

 In the 1990s, Connie Valliere created Billy the Builder Bear to teach kids about the knowledge and labor required to build a house. Now, Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation has the chance to introduce 20,000 children to Billy the Builder Bear and interest them in pursuing the skilled trades. This project involves Michigan legislators and adults who work in industry going into classrooms, when possible, to read the book, hand out copies, and answer children’s questions.

Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation works to build awareness of the many career opportunities in the residential construction industry. They are working on a daily basis to fill the labor shortage being felt in the residential construction industry. By sharing Billy the Builder Bear with young elementary students, they want kids to learn about the skilled trades and to see them as an opportunity from an early age. 

For more information about Billy the Builder Bear and Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation, visit https://skilledtobuildmichigan.com/#/billy-the-builder-bear

March 23, 2021

The Elixir of Life Cookbook – Finding Love and Joy in the Passionate Pursuit of Food

From olives to oils and wine, the art of cooking features a variety of elixirs.

Widely celebrated chef, Lisa Dahl, has published an inspiring cookbook, The Elixir of Life Cookbook – Finding Love and Joy in the Passionate Pursuit of Food, which won an Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Gold Medal.

Dahl's cookbook brings Italian rustic cuisine to life. The recipes are illuminated and inspired by Dahl's travels to Tuscany, as well the four restaurants in Arizona at which she is executive chef.

The Elixer of Life Cookbook serves as an excellent marketing tool, giving readers a personal stake in Dahl's signature cuisine. Dahl enables readers to turn her recipes into their own source of inspiration as they take her recipes home. Dahl's extraordinary, award-winning cookbook enhances her brand as well as her culinary legacy.